6 Steps to Becoming the Best Insurance Broker

Growing in your field, excelling, and providing the best care to your clients needs to be on your list if you want to continue to be the best insurance broker. Here are some more tips and suggestions on how to make sure you continue to grow. 

Pushing yourself to grow within your job and industry is so important. It is a successful tool to stay ahead of your competitors, represent your company, and to move up within your job. The insurance industry is always changing and growing as new demands in insurance become common policy. Needing to stay up on your job and the industry as an insurance broker is imperative if you want to stay ahead. Also, you need to do so to offer your clients the best product possible. We want to help you continue to grow and succeed in the industry so, here are some tips and suggestions on how to truly succeed as an insurance broker.

Although the title can be a little misleading, an insurance broker doesn’t work for an insurance company. They work for the client. Almost like a middleman between the product and the consumer. They do a slew of important things for their client such as providing advice on what insurance options are best for them or their company. They point out a risk or exposure within their company and suggest what should be insured based on that information. Insurance brokers always have their client’s wants and needs in their best interests. 

That being said, there are many unique skills and traits that you as the broker should work towards. If you’re looking for an insurance broker yourself, you should keep an eye out for these particular traits, too. 


  • Since the broker is representing the client, integrity and going the extra mile to find the right plan and price for any client is imperative. Just trying to make a quick sale or one that feels rushed is one to avoid. The broker is representing not only the product they’re offering, but it is also a situation where they are representing themselves. If one or both is being neglected, that is not a good sign of a good broker. 
  • Brokers, if you want to continue to stay successful, your work ethic needs to be flawless. Being able to stay organized, use your time wisely, and creating strong relationships with those in your industry and with your current and future clients is a must. Even though you are on the side of the client, you are still a salesperson. Make sure your skills are sharp, you’re up to date in the industry, and attract future clients that will bring you future business. 
  • Admittedly it is a hard business to keep up with, but no one is going to be there to help you up to the next level or do anything for you. Never feel entitled to these things, it will trip you up. If you want to make moves towards that next step, you’ll need to put in the work yourself. Make sure to be open to learn more and take every opportunity that arises that could help you. If you can place yourself in a situation with a great mentor or teacher, jump at it. These mentors have been where you are and understand the difficulties you could be going through. They can offer advice to get you out of any rut you’re stuck in. 
  • In this day and age, you need to be up to date with all the technology at your fingertips. This includes what helps promote what you’re selling, how to stay connected to your clients, and how they are looking at and finding information on possible plans. 
  • On top of your good salesmanship, it’s important to have excellent communication skills. Writing a good email, making a successful phone call, preparing presentations, and even pinning the occasional thank you note are things that should always be in your arsenal. Selling something is one thing, but being able to continue to communicate past that initial sales pitch is what will keep clients coming back! 

Do you think you have everything it takes to become an excellent insurance broker? Remember, being dedicated to your job is very important. Make sure to continue to find a good balance between your personal and professional life. A cultivated personal life will support and nourish your professional life. Please continue to stay safe, and never hesitate to reach out and communicate with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

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