The Importance of Health Insurance

We pay for it, we use it, but is it as important as it’s cracked up to be? We certainly think so!
We all grew up with that saying “just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s right!”, right? When it comes to a lot of things in life, that statement still holds true into adulthood. But, when it comes to health insurance, that’s not the case. When it does come to insurance and the industry we work in, of course, we think it’s much needed and important. But, we believe this outside of our 9 to 5 and into our, every day lives, too. Health insurance is something that everyone needs, and that’s something you’ll hear over and over again. Even after you’ve signed up and have started paying for your benefits every month, the reasons why health insurance, outside of everyone telling you to have it, can be a little fuzzy. It can be hard when you’re young and healthy to understand why you need it, or why it has to be so expensive. Insurance helps pay for medical bills and doctor visits, but it goes much farther beyond that. To help with your questions, concerns, and unanswered questions, we wanted to dedicate this blog to 10 reasons why insurance is so important.
  1. Even if you’re healthy right now and have been your whole life, there is still a chance that you could get hurt or sick, no matter how hard you try not to. According to Debt.Org, the average daily hospital stay is around $3,949 – just for one day! Health insurance can help you with those bills that without it could become an astronomical bill.
  2. Insurance is needed for people of all ages, including your children. Being able to provide for them throughout their childhood and leading up to their own adult lives is the number one priority for most parents. Insurance today can cover your children up until they’re 26, allowing them to ease into their financial responsibilities as an adult, and for you to help them out and continue to help care for them.
  3. Health insurance can provide more care and coverage than you might realize, including re-existing conditions you had before even stating your current or new insurance plan. Insurance can cover and help with chronic disease management, mental health and substance abuse, preventative services, and much more!
  4. Those who are uninsured are at a higher risk of death. They, by percentage, receive less medical care, less timely care, and worse health outcomes according to the Urban Institute.
  5. Health insurance can help you avoid a new or existing condition get worse by receiving the proper medical care without fear of the cost.
  6. If you or a member of your family is diagnosed with a very serious disease or with a heart condition, you’ll be able to receive treatment sooner.
  7. Today, more universities and colleges are requiring that their students are covered by health insurance as part of their admission. The lack of not having it could prevent you from going back to school or being any to get any higher education.
  8. People choose to insure and protect their fancy cars and expensive possessions, many of which can be replaced. You, on the other hand, cannot be replaced. Why would you ever choose not to also protect yourself?
  9. Not having health insurance doesn’t just affect you. Many uninsured people choose to not receive preventative care or get a condition looked at until it has to be. These resulting medical bills can be as high that they end up going unpaid, leaving the hospital financially in a tough place. This can force them into charging more for any service for anyone that comes to the hospital as a result.
  10. Health care provides free preventative care, even if you haven’t hit your deductible!
Did one or more of these ten facts surprise you? Insurance, as much as it can start out to be a burden, really should be looked at as a money and time saver. You are protecting yourself, your future, and the health of your loved ones. That is something you just can’t put a price tag on. Money can always be made, but more time cannot. Spending a little extra a month can protect and save what is really important to you. Please continue to stay safe, and never hesitate to reach out and communicate with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.