Protecting Your Quality Of Life

We are in the business of helping your company offer and manage the best self-insured health plan for your employees. How can you help promote the best quality of life for yourself and your employees that each of you will want to insure? 

Our day to day lives have taken quite a spin in the last few months. Learning how to live safely has taken the front seat over how to live with joy and passion. It has affected our moods, our health, our mental health, and our relationships. Working from home, living in our pajamas, and getting out of our routines has thrown us all for a loop. This isn’t to say that we’ve not gotten our jobs done, our bills paid, and our families fed. But, the quality of our everyday lives has taken a very strange turn. Thankfully, for some of us, this time has given us a chance to stop and smell the roses, spend time with our families, and finally read those books that have been piling up on our desks. But, we’ve had face masks, shortages on toilet paper, a deluge of media coverage, and fear peppering the corners of our lives with our roses. Many states are slowly starting to open up and make moves towards returning to a sense of normalcy. Many of us will be returning to work full time or back to more hours than we’ve been working for the last few months. As we all go through another drastic change together, how can we keep up with and continue to improve our quality of life? 

  • Parents in The Workforce

For parents working from home full time, while balancing caring for their children and helping them finish their school year virtually, we know you’re exhausted. It’s gotten to the point now that it’s a part of who you are and not something that you can hide. You’re shoving a full workday into the odd hours when your children are asleep, occupied, or eating. This is leaving you with no free time and the feeling that all you’re doing is working. As we move forward in the current state of things, the idea that because your employees are working from home, it makes them available to work 24/7, needs to be tossed. If we continue to work and educate from home, we need to respect our employee’s time and their situations. Allowing flexible work hours, work arrangements, and adjustments needs to be met with an open mind and understanding, not punishment. The conversation needs to happen together to ensure that productivity remains, and the family balance isn’t thrown out of whack. In the same vein, while working from home, you need to give yourself space and time away from work. Allow yourself the room to live your life and enjoy the things you love. 

  • Pride in the Work

When you wake up to get the work week started, are you drained and dreading getting out of bed? The need and importance of a job right now weighs heavily on our minds as the unemployment rate continues to skyrocket. But for those still working, the realization of how much you do or do not enjoy your job has become more evident. Your job is a large part of your identity. If it’s just a situation that’s just paying your bills, explore the job, and find joy whereever you can. Were you able to learn something new? Have you stayed productive while working from home? Did you help someone today? Did you complete a difficult project on time and with excellent skill? Finding pride, meaning, and joy in any job you do is important to your productivity, mental health, and your daily life. Overcome the challenge of being stuck in a position you hate and help those around you to overcome it too. A job you struggle with could quickly turn into a passion and joy. 

  • Counting the Clock 

Time is always something we want more of, want to speed up, or want to slow down. In any professional environment, managing your time can be a key to success in your job and a rewarding outcome in the quality of your life. Avoid being a perfectionist and doing everything at the same time. This is the equation for becoming overwhelmed and miserable, and while trying to accomplish everything, you will end up getting nothing done. Allow yourself to focus on one task at a time, allow certain times of the day to be dedicated to certain activities and tasks, and use smart apps to track your time and schedule. Managing your time well will help keep your focused, driven, and feel accomplished at the end of your workday. 

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your job and your quality of life is key. Our jobs are a part of our identity, but not the whole reason behind who we are and the joy we take in life. As an employer, we need to continue to respect our employees. As an employee, return that respect with an outstanding quality of work done in a productive and timely fashion. We work hard to keep our employees healthy with the best quality of self-insured health care. Let’s make sure their whole lives reflect this ideal with the highest quality of life possible.