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We Solved The Self Insured Data Problem

When an employer makes the decision to self insure their health plan, their administrative life becomes quite complex. Instead of simply writing a check to your insurance carrier, you now begin coordinating with a TPA, your broker, reinsurance carrier, networks, and more. 

How it works


Claim, Risk & Financial Reporting

Including budget tracking, actuarial projections of renewal cost, claim trends, provider geomapping, gaps in care, chronic condition management and much more all accessible from our online portal and branded to your company.

Self Insured Plan Specialists

As experts in self insured plan data, we are uniquely prepared to assist employers, their broker and all other plan vendors in managing the data and reporting of self insured plans.  

Recorded Training

What Our Clients Say

We are so grateful to serve a great group of people representing many different types of businesses of all sizes and industries around the country.

For a very long time we have struggled to understand our costs and understand the reporting we had been provided on our plan.  I feel like maybe for the first time we actually understand our costs and can get to work and controlling them.

CFO / University

We chose Self Insured Reporting as our reporting solution because they have built a solution that truly understand brokers.  The other solutions on the market simply are missing how hard it is to pull reporting together for self insured clients.

SVP / Benefit Broker Firm

The processes we were able to automate and streamline by implementing Self Insured Reporting has saved us a lot of time.  More importantly to me, we have capabilities now that make our reinsurance carriers and brokers happier.

President / Reinsurance GA

Claim Reporting & Analytics start at $300/mo.

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