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Claims, Risk and Financial Transparency 

Leverage your data to have a better understanding of what is driving your costs and what those costs will be.  Save time along the way and leverage your claims data.

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In this section you will find various different items to help you learn how to use our platform to do a better job for your clients.  You also might find some comic relief along the way.

Other Claim Systems Are FAILING!

Funniest Commercial Of (2019)

What are Gaps in Care?

Transparency is Critical

What If Your Client Heard This Pitch?

Automating Self Insured Reporting

Self Insured Reporting . . . in 30 Seconds

Understanding Self Insured Data [Webinar]

A Self Insured Claim ‘System of Record’

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In this section you will find various conversations we have had internally as a company.  As you will see, we talk about LOTS of things.   Successful Career and Family Life . . . what would you choose?

Family life right?... Wrong!

The truly successful always find a way to choose both!  Its is a struggle – and it is worth the effort!

Patience:Some Things Take Time

The Risk Of Going For It

The TYPE Of Work You Do Matters

The Gift Of Struggling

How Data Is Shaping Our Lives

Self Insured Reporting Is A Low-Hassle, High Time Return Investment.

Allow our team to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible in terms of Data Assistance.