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It all starts with vision . . . what is yours?

Company Philosophy

Self Insured Reporting is a rapidly growing company which simply is one of a kind.  We were built by a dedication to being the best and a pursuit of excellence.  Most of all, we were built by people who loved what they do and were given the space to stretch and become the best at their craft.

As a company we are ruthless about our culture.  Frankly we tell people all the time that working with us is like being on Survivor – if you stink at your job and don’t want to work, your co-workers will vote you off the island.  

Why would they do that?  The reason is that our place of work is incredible and we will not stand anyone else bring us down to a lower level.  We love and respect our colleagues above all else, and by caring first for our employees it empowers us to do what we have promised to do – care for our clients.

If I (.. I meaning Mark Combs, our CEO) did not work with these people, I would have to find all new friends.  I love them and their kids .. and spouses.  We take care of one another. 

When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.  When one of us hurts, we all hurt.  This is a place of tremendous respect, where our leaders work harder than anyone else simply because it would be unthinkable to ask someone else to do something that we were not willing to do.

Our team can be trusted to do the right thing, even when nobody is looking.  Its a character thing.  Its a work thing.  An excellence thing.  It’s what we do!

The Position

Senior Account Lead

This position will require the ability to learn whatever work wtih resisurance carriers, TPAs, 

  • Work with our largest clients to help them accomplish th
  • Understand data integarton
  • data integritity
  • good at processes


A successful candidate will have:

  • Very good personal computer skills such as typing, use of 
  • Good customer service soft skills
  • orginzation, written
  • fast paced
  • trustworthy in a mobile envionmen
  • loves peple .. but is also taks oriented
  • 3+ years of experience in TPA, reinsurance, or broker