Population Health Companies

In today’s marketplace Care Management and Population Health Companies are beginning to use claim analytics platforms to gain better insight into how they can best serve their clients.  Self Insured Reporting is an affordable solution that goes well beyond simple analytics to offer a platform to fundamentally change the way you deliver value.

Our platform was custom built for clinicians who worked one-on-one performing disease management coaching with members.  We also recognize that validation is critical in order to stay hired and thus we have fully integrated the clinical modeling with the financial modeling of the healthplan.

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  • 360 degree member view
  • Complete population health
  • Preventive gaps in care
  • Chronic condition gaps in care
  • Claim transparency
  • Actionable insights
  • Health risk scoring and tracking
  • Intuitive population search
  • Validation reporting
  • Large claim tracking
  • Integrated pharmacy claim details on members
  • Block of business dashboards

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