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In today’s marketplace GAs are using claim analytics platforms to compete with their peers.  Self Insured Reporting is an affordable solution that goes well beyond simple analytics to offer a platform where GAs can fundamentally change the way they manage their clients stop loss contract and financial reporting.

We are the only platform on the market to completely integrate stop-loss and all fixed costs.  This approach of fully integrating reinsurance and all fixed costs allows your financial reporting to become completely automated regardless of how complex the reinsurance contract is.  We can even help you fully automate quoting of reinsurance at renewal.

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  • Population health with gaps in care
  • Claim analytics down to the member level
  • Branded reporting to your logo and colors
  • Full stop loss integration supporting even the most complex of reinsurance contracts
  • Stop loss quoting automation
  • Stop loss claim filing support
  • Stop loss claim reimbursement tracking
  • Complete financial reporting package
  • Fixed cost reporting fully integrated
  • Midpoint to midpoint renewal projections
  • IBNR reporting
  • Fully automate all financial reporting
  • Block of business dashboards
  • Single sign on (SSO) available

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