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As an employee benefit broker himself for 15 years, our CEO knows exactly how difficult it is to sell and service self insured groups. For years he stayed up many nights before important client meetings trying to make sure he did not embarrass himself the next day, drinking double espresso’s just to make sure his spreadsheet formulas were right. He knew there must be a better way.

Four years later and a (cough) amount of money, here we are – and the results are better than anyone could have imagined.

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  • No more spreadsheets
  • Reporting branded to your logo, colors
  • Automated reporting
  • Complete stop loss integration
  • Population health with gaps in care
  • Actuarial renewal projections
  • Fixed cost integration
  • Client budget tracking
  • IBNR reserve reporting
  • Reinsurance quoting automation
  • Stop loss claim filing assistance
  • Claim risk reduction discovery

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