New Client Onboarding

Watch the video and then complete the webform.  Video notes to help you:

Client Information Template – Download the template and complete it with the following information:

  • Name of the client you are loading on the system, specifically the name you would like on all reporting.
  • Estimated number of employees enrolled on their medical plan.
  • Select if we will be doing manual only reporting (no claim feeds) or if we will be getting claim feeds on this client.
  • Select the medical TPA vendor who will be sending us claims and eligiblity data.
  • Select the pharmacy (PBM) vendor who will be sending us pharmacy claims.  This can be the same vendor as your TPA, however in some circumstances we can obtain more detailed data directly from the PBM.

After you submit your block of business, we will send notifications to help you get started collecting the client signatures that their TPAs will require to share data.

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